Wanted: Serious Athletes. Must NOT be an Excuse Maker. Must Not Put Limits on Themselves...

"It Has Been Considered the Secret Weapon."

Unveil the training methods that WILL have EVERYONE talking about your abilities on game day...

"Welcome to Cincinnati's Only Private, Underground, and Invitation Only, Personal Training Facility, That Can Help Turn You Into the Strong, Explosive, and Powerful Athlete that Everyone Fears, Helping Push You into College Athletics."

Dear Friend and Determined Athlete,

If you are anything like me, you are a perfectionist, and in being a perfectionist, you have the hunger to be the absolute best you can be in your sport. Holes left in your training are inexcusable.

This especially holds true if you hold any desire to receive a college scholarship to continue your playing career past high school. To do this requires high levels of speed, agility, strength, power, and explosiveness.

Thus, in order to fill all those holes, you search far and wide for answers. However, with the abundance of information on TV, the internet, and in magazines, it is often hard tell the difference between what is useful and what is worthless.

This often times leads you to choosing training means that are conflicting, create injuries, and ultimately leave you no better, or EVEN WORSE, than you were before.

At Strive Training, we cut through all of the gimmicks and focus solely on delivering exceptional RESULTS.

Improvements in strength, power, and performance are ROUTINELY seen within the first month. GUARANTEED!

Be forewarned, this training will test you mentally and physically. It will expose your weaknesses FAST. However, if you are truly determined to be the name everyone talks about, you will reach incredible heights and fulfill your true potential.

Dropped his 60 yard dash .3 seconds in 4 months!


“I Noticed More Velocity Already Within a Month of Strive”
Mike Kelly, Wyoming High School Baseball


“It’s really a blessing. Not making (the team) freshman year, I went to Strive Training and worked really hard to make the team the following year.” 
Mike Kelly, Wyoming High School and Shenandoah University


“It has been considered the secret weapon”

“Strive has had a huge impact on Sara’s swimming performance. Strive is an important piece to the training process. The strength training improved the power elements of swimming such as stronger kick and Push off the wall. Endurance improved converting her from a sprinter to middle distance. It has been considered the secret weapon.”
-Robin Washienko, Mother of Sara Washienko, Swimmer and Softball, Wyoming High School




 Q and A with Ron Murphy, Father of Ronnie Murphy,

Ohio Force Baseball

Q: What made you decide that a strength and conditioning program was something Ronnie needed?

A: A year round program to gain an advantage versus other athletes.

Q: Why did you choose Strive?

A: Specific Sport Training with a dedicated In-Season Training Program that is Personal and Small.

Q: What benefits have you seen on and off of the field?

A: (We’ve seen a) Definite change in (Ronnie’s) overall Strength and First Step Explosiveness.

Q: Why do you view Strive as an investment, as opposed to an expense?

A: (The training allows Ronnie to) Do something on days off as opposed to what most other athletes are doing. The Payoff will be Saving that much more in the future in tuition costs (in the case of a College Scholarship), as well as giving Ronnie a Healthy Lifestyle to hopefully carry into adulthood.

Q: Why would you recommend Strive to a friend?

A: Cost Friendly, Quick Results, and the Planned Advancement


“In the few weeks he has been working with you, he had a home run that went further than any ball he’s ever hit”

-Jeff Turner, Father of Chris Turner of Badin High School


“I’m Getting More Leg into my Hitting, it’s not just Upper Body Now”

Collin Cain, St. Xavier High School

Within a Month: “Already Seeing Added Velocity on my Fastball”
Nick Childs, St. Xavier High School

Nicole Capodagli, Tennis, McAuley High School

“I came to Strive to become stronger and faster on the tennis courts. By joining, I have had many benefits including that I have developed a more positive attitude, I’m hitting the ball harder, and I am able to get to more tough shots because I am more physically fit.”


“I don’t get hurt as often as I use to since I began coming to Strive.”
Sarah O'Shaughnessy, Ohio Elite Soccer

 Q and A with Dave Norcross, Father of David Norcross,

Milford High School Baseball

Q: What made you decide that a strength and conditioning program was something David needed?

A: David has a desire to play baseball at a high level. He is always willing to seek out and practice the correct ways to hit, field, throw and run the bases. He does these things as well as anybody. Increasing strength and conditioning will allow him to play at a higher level and also increase his self confidence.

Q: Why did you choose Strive?

A: David took advantage of the free initial workout offered at Strive Training. The training is similar to what he goes through during his high school pre-season conditioning, which I think is excellent. Strive has the advantage of a very small trainer to athlete ratio. Often it is one to one. Therefore, the workout is short, usually about an hour and very intense. Additionally, Kyle came to several of David’s summer team workouts, threw batting practice and put the boys through some stretching exercises specific to pitching. During these workouts, I was able to see Kyle interact with the players and was impressed with the way he handled himself and the boys.

Q: What benefits have you seen on and off of the field?

A: David’s body shape has changed to a more athletic form. His arms, chest, legs and back have become more defined. On the field, he seems to be hitting the ball harder and farther and his arm strength has gotten better.

Q: Would you recommend Strive to a friend?

A: I would certainly recommend Strive to other athletes.


Lost 20lbs in 7 Weeks!

“I feel way quicker on the bases, way more stronger than I was. People on my team say I look way slimmer. I lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks. Come here cause Strive will get you right” 
Noah Heard, Fairfield High School

Gym Hours and Location

Gym hours are subject to change throughout the year and are by appointment only, but the normal hours are as follows:


Saturday- 10am-noon


Strive is located inside SWOBAT at:

9230 Port Union Rialto Rd

West Chester Township OH 45069

Gym Memberships

At Strive we know that the right training for the athlete varies throughout the year. Sometimes the volume of sport practice calls for coming to Strive 1-2x per week. However, at other times during the year, the athlete’s needs may call for 3-5 days per week.

With that in mind, at Strive, we do not offer a set frequency of sessions for training, except for the case of the in season athlete. Instead, we offer a flat monthly Membership for all. Training frequency is then dictated by the athlete’s needs at the time.

Along with the training sessions with the coach, the athlete also gets unlimited access to the gym on days they are not scheduled to train, so they can come in for ‘extra credit.’

  • Sessions are, on average, 1 hour in duration but can at times be shorter or longer depending on the athlete’s energy levels and needs.
  • All memberships must be paid via recurring billing. We want athletes who are committed to their success as much as we are. There are discounts for Military/Police/and Fire Personnel.
  • After the minimum time has past, Membership is ongoing month to month.

3 Month Minimum Membership

$295 per month-1-6 Training Sessions per week

6 Month Minimum Membership

$245 per month-1-6 Training Sessions per week

In Season/Youth Membership (Current Members and In Season Only)

$195 per month

Youth=10-11. Youth Athletes are not limited to this membership

This membership is limited to current athletes when ages 12+

“There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” – Mark Twain

It is up to YOU to determine what you want to be in life, a winner or a loser. One is certainly FAR MORE EASIER to accomplish than the other.

The pain it takes to reach the top is unrelenting and unforgiving. However, once reached, the glory felt is unmatched by any reward a life of accepting and tolerating can give.

We want the type of athletes at Strive who are willing to pay the price. Who realize that pain is temporary, but that the outcome of such efforts is priceless.

Are YOU this type of Athlete? Do YOU live by the code? If so, Sign Up For Your FREE Trial Workout Below.

No Excuses,

No Limitations,

No Nonsense!